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Contact Information

Contacting Winston
Thank you for your interest in Winston's commercial education.  Due to the high volume of communications Winston receives on a daily basis, we have had to limit the number of inquiries he is able to respond to personally.
If you would like direct access to Winston, he does offer personal continuing education sessions via telephone for a fee.  To learn more about these sessions, please contact us at (971) 333-1005, or send an email to ce@wssic.com.

eStore Support & Product Questions

Assistance via telephone is limited to inquiries regarding existing eStore orders and Continuing Education appointment scheduling.  If you have a question concerning product selection, send your inquiry to orders@wssic.com.

Private Conference Calls, Workshops & Events

Winston is available for privately-hosted conference calls, workshops and events with individuals and groups.  To receive detailed information on hosting a private workshop or event with Winston, please contact us at (971) 333-1005, or send an email to ce@wssic.com.

Business Hours: Monday through Thursday, 8:30 AM to 6PM PST

Mailing Address

PO Box 996
McMinnville, OR 97128