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Current Events:

The 5th Annual Members Only Event

October 24th - 26th, 2014

The Grotto Sanctuary & Conference Center
Portland, Oregon

Join Winston Live!

Winston and The WSSIC Team invite our members to join us for this year's very special Members Only Event at The Grotto in Portland, Oregon.

This venue offers a uniquely personal and intimate setting for interacting with Winston. We've decided to hold the event at The Grotto again this year, based on the wonderful feedback we received from attendees last year. For those of you who did not join us last year, The Grotto is a beautiful sanctuary that is seemingly hidden from the surrounding bustle of the city. Carved into a basalt cliff, The Grotto offers visitors a serene environment for quiet reflection and enjoyment of the Pacific Northwest's natural beauty.

Be there as Winston provides new insight on current and future events in commerce, and listen to his new lectures he's based on the topics our members ask about most frequently. You definitely will not want to miss this exciting installment of Winston's 2014 live lecture series.


Current Events
Hopefully by the time of the Members Event, many things will have 'come together' with many of the efforts currently underway.  Certainly of most interest is a new national currency.  What are the implications of a national currency?  Most should be aware of the problems faced by people in the US who have been using an 'international' currency known as Federal Reserve Notes.  If we have switched to a different currency, a national currency with no interest attached for the use of it, then what changes can we expect to experience?  Will this have other impacts on our political structure, etc.?  The answer to this question is 'yes'.  How all of these changes will change your life and how you do commerce will be discussed.

Reversionary Interest
'Render unto Caesar' is a common phrase attributed to Jesus some 2,000 years ago.  When we get into the section on Trusts, there is a maxim which is:  when someone is in possession of something that they do not have a legal right to, they are the trustee of that thing.  Hmm, are we in possession of something that we don't have the legal right to?  How about the Birth Certificate?  Well, it has become apparent that the BC has been a point of interest for some time.  What if we rid ourselves of that particular document, or at least the implications of the BC, could we remain as the 'trustee' ... of something that we do not have the legal right to?  And if not trustee for the 'person' created on that BC document, then would we then be the true beneficiary of the estate described by the 'person'?  We will analyze this concept very closely.

When the outcome of anything is unknown, it creates a trust situation.  In other words when there is a 'risk' involved in commerce, then a trust is formed.  The implication therefore is that basically almost everything we do is considered a trust.  That being the case then it makes sense to understand trust structure, functions, and the preferable position with the trust.  This does relate to the concepts discussed in the Reversionary Interest section.  It may be that many do want to create private or family trust vehicles, but perhaps knowing the parameters of the Great American Trust created by the Declaration of Independence and our place within that might be of great assistance in whatever other trust efforts we enter into.

One of the most important concepts one ought to consider in regards to bonds and bonding is this:  bonds are created to protect the innocent.  In other words, one cannot bond criminal or unlawful acts.  To try and do so would imply an attempt to avoid the consequences of unlawful acts by the use of bonds when in fact, if one is bonded and then does a criminal act could one escape the consequences of that act by having the bond satisfy that act?  Well, obviously the answer is no.  In our system of commerce where we are involved in the use of negotiable instruments and the like, bonds are necessary to carry on commerce.  The bonds act as the insurance for those negotiations.  When properly used, bonds are most helpful to insure against accidents, acts of nature, etc.  So, we will be investigating the various types of bonds, how they can be used ... and when, where, and how they ought not be used.

Because this venue is so unique and intimate, space is limited to a set number of attendees.



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Ready to register?  

Online registration is now closed, but you can register at the door for the weekend.


Hotel Reservation Instructions:
To make your guest room reservations, you will need to contact the hotel(s) directly. Use the Group Name WSSIC when making your reservation by phone

The Howard Johnson Portland Airport
8247 NE Sandy Blvd
Portland, OR 97218

The Howard Johnson is within walking distance of The Grotto, just two blocks away.

The Radisson Hotel Portland Airport
6233 North East 78th Court
Portland, OR 97218

For added convenience, the Radisson has agreed to shuttle their guests to and from The Grotto throughout the weekend– just inquire at the front desk.




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Enrollment for the new 2015 Membership Term is now open. The next membership term will begin on November 1st.

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