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The 6th Annual Members Only Event

June 5th - 7th, 2015

The Grotto Sanctuary & Conference Center
Portland, Oregon



Join Winston Live!

Winston and The WSSIC Team invite our members to join us for this year's very special Members Only Event at The Grotto in Portland, Oregon.

This venue offers a uniquely personal and intimate setting for interacting with Winston. We've decided to hold the event at The Grotto again this year, based on the wonderful feedback we received from attendees last year. For those of you who did not join us last year, The Grotto is a beautiful sanctuary that is seemingly hidden from the surrounding bustle of the city. Carved into a basalt cliff, The Grotto offers visitors a serene environment for quiet reflection and enjoyment of the Pacific Northwest's natural beauty.

Be there as Winston provides new insight on current and future events in commerce, and listen to his new lectures he's based on the topics our members ask about most frequently. You definitely will not want to miss this exciting installment of Winston's 2015 live lecture series.



At the upcoming Member's Event in Portland, Oregon, we will have some new and some 'renewal' subjects to consider. What is new will be:

1. Taxe percue or in English 'prepaid postage' or ... why are we paying postage on letters and parcels when it is already prepaid?

2. 'Revocation of Election' meaning that you 'volunteered' into the taxing program so can you 'un-volunteer' out of that system?

Also we will be taking the Authentication of the Certificate of Live Birth (long form birth certificate) spoken of in our Member's Event in 2014 to new lengths. This is getting interesting and exciting.

Taking some of our previously presented technologies such as UCC Article 9, Affidavit of Adverse Possession, and Authentication process into the world of real property, mortgage foreclosures, etc., we will move into Affidavits of Ownership and even land patents. This is part of our ongoing effort to stop these unlawful foreclosures.

And if time permits we will move into the world of 'testing' the statutes ... what is 'general' and what is 'special', and what can be done when confronted with 'un-Constitutional' statutes.

Also we may have time for reconciliation of the 'public' record and the 'private' record using a Data Integrity Board Hearing.

Looking forward to seeing you all there. -Winston



Because this venue is so unique and intimate, space is limited to a set number of attendees. To ensure your attendance, please register as soon as possible.




Earlybird Member Package w/ renewal


Earlybird Current Member Tuition Only

Plus One - Guest Tuition (Limit 1 per Member)

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Please  CLICK HERE  to visit our eStore.  You are also welcome to contact us directly at (971) 333-1005 if you have any questions.


Radisson Hotel - Portland Airport


$99 per night; includes free wi-fi and free hot breakfast buffet.

Free shuttle to and from event venue.

Use group code: WSSIC when booking

Howard Johnson - Portland Airport

Click Here for Reservations

$55 - $59 per night; includes free hot breakfast

Within walking distance of venue at one block away.




Gardening with Winston Membership
Enrollment Open!


Membership Enrollment for the May 2015 through October 2015 Bi-Annual Term is now OPEN. 

Please visit our eStore to learn about the benefits of Gardening Membership and to register today!